The Truman Foundation Annual Luncheon

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The annual Truman Birthday Luncheon is open to the public and attended by hundreds of individuals, from civic and business leaders to teachers and veterans, as well as international students representing their countries.

The Luncheon features the presentation of the Truman Good Neighbor Award to a prominent individual who is recognized for exemplary service to their community and the nation.

The Foundation also awards the Philip Pistilli Silver Veteran’s Medal and six college scholarships in the field of international studies and public service. These scholarships promote President Truman’s keen interest in education and support his belief that the exchange of ideas can bridge the gap in worldwide differences and promote peace among all nations and people.

The Foundation invites international students studying at nearby colleges and universities to attend the Luncheon.

Each international student meets individually with the Good Neighbor Award Honoree when a commemorative photograph is taken to record the event. The Foundation presents these photographs to the students, their families, and their hometown news media to mark the occasion and to stress the importance of being a good neighbor.

Photo by Lisa Berg

2023 Harry S. Truman Good Neighbor Award Honoree

Bob Woodward
Journalist and Author

Philip Pistilli Silver Veterans Medal Award Honoree

Colonel Keith Butler
509th Bomb Wing, Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri