College scholarships in the field of international relations and public service are presented at the annual luncheon.

Four individual $5,000 Sherman & Irene Dreiseszun Scholarships are awarded annually to students attending the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Kansas. Two individual $10,000 scholarships are awarded to students attending Georgetown University, in honor of Edwin J. Beinecke, Jr. and Augustana College, in honor of Benedict K. & Donna Zobrist. These scholarships recognize both past and present supporters of the Foundation.

Scholarship Guidelines


Students at a participating university or college are eligible for a scholarship if they are studying international relations, history, political science, diplomacy, or a related field or discipline that reflects President Truman’s dedication to promoting public service and international peace.


When the scholarships are announced by a participating institution, interested students should submit an application stating their field of study, a transcript of their academic record, and two letters of recommendation to the institution’s administrator of scholarship programs.

Every student applying for a scholarship, whether from the United States or abroad, must provide a concise statement why he or she supports President Truman’s principles that promote democracy and freedom.


International students applying for and receiving scholarships must state their intention of returning to their home countries after concluding their studies in the United States.


Scholarship recipients should be available to receive their Scholarship Certificates at the Foundation’s annual birthday luncheon honoring Mr. Truman on or about May 8 in Kansas City, Missouri. At that time each student will receive a certificate from the Foundation that awards the scholarship. An accompanying sponsor from each institution will receive the scholarship funds which will be applied for the benefit of the student at the beginning of the next academic year.

How to Apply

  • Scholarships are available to undergraduate and graduate college students enrolled in a U.S. college or university. The scholarships are not limited to American citizens.
  • The scholarships are not renewable.
  • Each institution at which a scholarship has been created will establish a screening process to evaluate the applicants’ academic performance and their potential for a meaningful career or contribution to international relations or public service.
  • Once the institution has chosen a candidate for the scholarship, it will provide its recommendation to the Foundation with appropriate information regarding the candidate’s background, academic record, and career plans. The recommendation shall be submitted to the Foundation by March 1. Upon the Foundation’s agreement with the institution’s recommendation, student recipients will be informed by the Foundation of their being awarded a scholarship and will receive details regarding the luncheon.

Augustana College
Benedict & Donna Zobrist Scholarship

University of Kansas
Sherman & Irene Dreiseszun Scholarship

University of Missouri
Robert N. Epsten Scholarship

Georgetown University
Edwin J. Beinecke, Jr. Scholarship

University of Missouri K.C.
Sherman & Irene Dreiseszun Scholarship

2022 Recipients


AUGUSTANA - Olivia Quinn Fabish
KU - Brynn Fitzsimmons
KU - Heeyoun Shin
MU - Yujin Julia Jung