Scholarship Guidelines

1. Every effort should be made to determine if the applicants, whether from the United States or abroad, have President Truman’s philosophical dedication to democracy.

2. Students selected for these scholarships should be studying such disciplines as international relations, political science, diplomacy, or related fields reflecting Mr. Truman’s interest and involvement in those fields. When the scholarships are announced on campus, interested students should submit an application for study abroad designating field of study; along with a transcript of their academic record; and two letters of recommendation to the campus administrator of scholarship programs.

3. International students applying for and receiving scholarships as set out above, must state their intention of returning to their home countries after concluding their formal studies in the United States.

4. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, recipients should be available to receive their Scholarship Certificates at the Foundation’s annual birthday luncheon honoring Mr. Truman on May 8 in Kansas City.  At that time each student will receive a certificate from the Foundation and an accompanying sponsor from each university involved will receive the scholarship funds to be distributed to the scholars at the beginning of the academic year through the appropriate offices on the campus of the universities where they are enrolled.