International Students

See-Lian-Goh---Penang-MALAYATo accomplish the Foundation’s mission, “to improve and foster friendly relations between all nations, races, and religions” international students are invited as complimentary guests to the annual Truman Luncheon.  Approximately 50 international students studying at Kansas City area colleges and universities, collectively representing 30-40 different countries worldwide attend the luncheon each year.  This aspect continues the tradition established by President Truman who enjoyed meeting and being photographed with international students at his birthday celebrations and while visiting at the Truman Library.

Senator Claire McCaskill and 2019 Kansas State University International Students

The students begin the day with a reception hosted by the Foundation for the purpose of having each student photographed shaking hands with the Honoree.  After the luncheon the photographs are distributed to each student to take back to their home country to share with their families and hometown news media.  Each student also receives a copy of President Truman’s book “Mr. Citizen”, and a portrait of the president.